The mission of the Neighbor to Neighbor program is to build stronger communities by working with residents to empower them with resources to help themselves. Neighbor to Neighbor helps residents improve and strengthen the health, sovaldi sale safety and livability of their community through partnerships with community groups and agencies and faith-based organizations. Every neighborhood has its own special personality. Neighbor to Neighbor is based on the belief that residents know what is best for their community and have the ability to sustain positive change.


  • Engage in the strategic development and implementation of programs that fulfil the diverse needs of youth, shop families, community, businesses and organizations
  • Provide comprehensive outreach programs for at risk youth
  • Provide community resource education to residents and businesses
  • Facilitate community based activities which increase ownership of neighborhoods
  • Facilitate school-based initiatives, events and activities
  • Foster relationships with other non-profit organizations & the business community to assist with the growth & enhancement of services available to our youth & families

Partners and Sponsors Support our Mission and Vision

Creating a partnership with NYA supports many youth and families throughout Nevada. Successful partnerships with businesses, foundations and organizations are fundamental to supporting our various programs and community engagement events and activities contributing to a stronger community for all.

The Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) provides funds to NYA through the U. S. Department of Justice Project Safe Neighborhood grant in support of NYA’s Neighbor to Neighbor program. NYA has been awarded DPS funding from 2007, 2008 & 2009. District of Nevada - PSN

Many other agencies, organizations and the business community also provide valuable resources and support. Sponsors/Partners