Why was Nevada Youth Alliance (NYA) started?
There existed a need to facilitate the unification process that many local and national organizations embarked upon. Community discord and youth violence continue to be problems along with teen pregnancy, illiteracy, drug abuse, suicide, and sexually transmitted diseases.

How and when did the organization get started?
Nevada Youth Alliance was founded after the historic Youth Violence Symposium established through the Latino Peace Officers Association in September 1996 in Las Vegas, NV.

What is Nevada Youth Alliance's role?
Nevada Youth Alliance is a 501(C)(3), public non-profit agency that specializes in youth development programs and engagement opportunities and community partnership. NYA is aggressive in the development of programs that deal with mentoring, juvenile justice, families, health, education, and recreation. NYA has served over 300,000 youth and families throughout the state of Nevada in the past 13 years.

Is Nevada Youth Alliance located only in Southern Nevada?
No. NYA has a physical office in Southern Nevada & a board position in Northern Nevada. The Southern Nevada office supports the entire Clark County and northern board members support various initiatives in Washoe County.

What is "Salute To Youth"(STY)?
STY was developed by NYA to support various programs & activities dealing with young/people. NYA recognizes any youth that participates in its many activities and salutes the youth who volunteer with any agency for making a difference in our community.

How can an organization partner with NYA?
Local and national organizations have been partnering with NYA for years. For more information contact us at 702.393.6163.

Can anyone participate and how can an individual get involved?
Citizens are needed to help in the efforts of supporting NYA events, activities & programs. Hundreds of individuals and thousands of volunteer hours have been expended to answer the call of the needs of our families. Organizations and citizens can join our many worthy efforts by calling us at 702.393.6163.

How is NYA Funded?
NYA is a non-profit organization that receives funding from public contributions, private grants, and in-kind donations.

How many individuals are on staff?
NYA is a 100% volunteer organization.

How does NYA feel about the path our youth are taking?
Many follow the paths laid by their parents and some are driven away from wholesome role models. We feel that individuals and communities must make every effort to continue supporting our youth; after all, they are our future leaders.

What role does NYA feel that education play in the lives of our youth?
Education is the precursor to a productive successful future. We need to stress early in the lives of our youth, the importance of a good education, and the value it brings to career opportunities.