NYA/UNSOM/University Health Services

NYA and the University Nevada School of Medicine - Department of Pediatrics entered into a formal partnership June 1, 2009. One of the many purposes of the partnership is to coordinate FREE Community-Based Health Centers within neighbourhoods identified with a high need and facilitate outreach and health education for the youth and their families. In addition, NYA assists with the funding and coordination of outreach services, educational materials, advertising and equipment/supply needs.

University Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) - Department of Pediatrics, in coordination with the Nevada Youth Alliance’s (NYA) Neighbor-To-Neighbor Coalition Project is providing health care for a population of youth that may not otherwise have access. One of the missions for the group was to find ways to provide community and school based health care and prevention education to youth impacted by gang violence and various other unhealthy activities. In addition to free health care, youth learn to understand and respect their bodies through mentoring provided by the physicians and other community partners participating in the program.

Additionally, UNSOM and NYA, through discussion with its community partners has created a health education curriculum for topics that will help both the students and their parents learn about issues that include physical health, obesity, mental health, STD’s, teen pregnancy, hygiene, dental health, asthma, Attention Deficit (ADHD), smoking cessation and many other health related topics.

UNSOM Department of Pediatrics also provides FREE health care at an on-site location for any uninsured youth/young adult across Southern Nevada ages birth – 24 years old. Appointments are made through a designated partnering healthcare provider or community partner agency only. If you have any questions about who are the designated agencies/partners,

please leave a message with your name & phone number at Nevada Youth Alliance at 702-393-6163. NYA/UNSOM Brochure